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8 Reasons Why I Loved National Assembly

By Monica Salmeri

All of the delegates from Wisconsin PRSSA chapters

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PRSSA Spring Semester Update

By Collin BraultIMG_1591

So far spring semester for UWO PRSSA can be summed up by one word: new. New guest speakers, new ideas, new ventures off campus and new members! Our meeting attendance has nearly doubled compared to the fall semester. To all the new members, welcome, we couldn’t be happier to see so many new faces at meetings! Continue reading “PRSSA Spring Semester Update”

By Collin Brault, External Relations Chair
I am finally close to completing my last leg of general education requirements for my bachelor of arts degree.  This past winter interim term, I completed “Intro to Public Relations,” my first course that is required for the public relations major. Because I belong to the UWO PRSSA Chapter, I had a small working knowledge of what public relations is and some ways that it has a foothold in business and society. However, after completing this class, the fog has cleared, and I can truly see all that this career path has to offer.

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A Glimpse of Agency Life


Written by: Collin Brault

As November comes to a close, the end of the semester is approaching. Since the Chapter hit the ground at full speed at the beginning of the semester, the Chapter hasn’t slowed down. Through November and leading up to the conclusion the semester the Chapter embarked on its first agency tour of the year while also hosting Skype chats with professionals s at meetings. Continue reading “A Glimpse of Agency Life”

Professional Development Through Community Connections

img_0493Written by: Collin Brault

Within the blink of an eye, two months of the fall semester have already flashed by, but the Dr. Julie Henderson PRSSA Chapter at UW Oshkosh has kept busy.  After only seven meetings the Chapter has already acquired new public relations skills and knowledge, inside and outside the classroom.

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Exploring the Loop: Regional Conference 2014

Written by: Isaac Haight

Our Dr. Julie Henderson PRSSA Chapter at UW Oshkosh traveled to Chicago for a regional conference March 7-8. On the first day everyone who participated was invited to tour several agencies. The two agencies we toured included FleishmanHillard Inc and Edelman.

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Networking in PRSSA

ImageBy: Hilary Stoeberl
Vice President of the Dr. Julie Henderson Chapter of PRSSA

Networking has become one of the most popular ways of not only getting to know the public relations industry, but of meeting the people that represent it. As a young professional, networking should become your best friend.

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If you’re a college student who feels like there is not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get what you need accomplished- you’re not alone.This is what I like to call the daily grind: the crazy things you do to make sure you succeed.

The exhausted feeling and heavy eyes you have because you were in the library until the sun comes up may suck at the moment. But trust me when I say a sleepless night is well worth the feeling of crushing an exam, or having finished a brilliant piece of work to put in your personal portfolio.

Running from your internship to make it to your next class in a 15 minute time span, and then having to go to your part-time job afterward makes your day seem never-ending, but that gives you great experience with time management and teaches you organization.

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NFL: “Protecting” the Shield

Neal Corby

This post was written by PRSSA secretary Neal Corby. 

The criticism of the NFL’s replacement refs was taken to a whole new level on September 24 when the replacement refs blew a number of calls during crucial situations that actually cost the Green Bay Packers the game. This resulted in a horrible PR problem for the NFL.

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